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Paraiba and Cuprian Tourmaline

Of all the varieties of tourmaline – and there are A LOT – one stands out amongst them all for its beauty, its rarity, and the enormous debate raging over which ones are which. It all started in the 1980s when some tourmaline crystals were unearthed in Paraiba State, Brazil. Tyrian purples, mint greens, even…

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Turquoise – the December Birthstone

Turquoise is so versatile. It can take several different, readily recognizable forms, and each one suits a totally different style perfectly. And the history of this stuff is a trip. Have you ever laid on your back in the grass on a summer day and watched the clouds roll by? The cotton balls drift past…

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My newest interchangeable pendant

As many of my clients know, I have a lot of gemstones to work with.  Some are recent finds at shows, or from cutters I work with in the US and around the world.  This one contains an assembled gemstone called and intarsia, by Steve Walters, one of my favorite cutters because of his shapes…

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