Rare Artifacts & Art For Your Home

As much as I love working with gem stones and precious metals, part of the passion I have for them is grounded in a love of nature. It amazes me when I look at a fiery black opal, a brilliant citrine or a Tahitian pearl and think of the natural forces that formed them.

So it’s probably no surprise that when I come across unusual natural items from my travels abroad, I want to bring them back to my store. I like to decorate my walls and shelf space with rare and interesting artifacts from across (and inside!) the globe.

My tastes are pretty eclectic. If you’ve looked around my store, you know what I mean. My walls are decorated with prehistoric fossilized fish, and graceful fossil ferns embedded in slate. There are two huge crystallized amethyst geodes greeting you by my front door. Primitive cephalopods and intricately chambered ammonites grace my desk and sit in cases around the store.

Rare artifacts as works of art are inspirational, thought provoking, and true conversation pieces. Each has its own story. No two are alike.

Interested in adding to or building your own home collection? Consider a collection no one else can duplicate. Visit my rare artifacts and geodes gallery and see what excites the nature or history – lover in you – be it fossils or raw, uncut gem stones, natural crystals or antique swords, even ancient stone hieroglyphics.

Come explore and see what beauty my “Earth Art” can bring to your home.

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