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Citrine – November Birthstone

It’s quite true that an overwhelming majority of commercial grade citrine is heated to either weak, watery, or garish, obviously unnatural colors. Darker colors of citrine are produced by heat treatment of amethyst and smoky quartz, and red undertones are usually – but not always – evidence of this treatment. Fine, natural citrine, however, is…

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Summer Jewelry Care

Summer has finally settled in. Summer activities abound with the sun out, so it’s worth mentioning that some jewelry needs to be treated a little differently during the fun things we all love to do when it gets beautiful outside. One of the most common jewelry problems I see during (or right after) summer is…

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Rare Artifacts & Art For Your Home

As much as I love working with gem stones and precious metals, part of the passion I have for them is grounded in a love of nature. It amazes me when I look at a fiery black opal, a brilliant citrine or a Tahitian pearl and think of the natural forces that formed them. So…

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