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On the 6th Day of Christmas…

Alex Sepkus – 25% Discount To me, Alex Sepkus’ work isn’t just jewelry. It’s art. The level of detailed expertise that goes into a single Sepkus piece is virtually unparalleled. Every surface is detailed or textured in some way – all of which is done by hand. The designs are fun and even whimsical, yet…

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Groundbreaking designers -Edgy, original jewelry

If you’ve ever been to an event when more than one woman is wearing the same dress, it’s awkward but sometimes laughed off, attributing the faux paux to both “having the same great taste.” Ever seen two women with the same wedding ring? Trust me. It doesn’t go well. And it’s never laughed off. Ever….

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Marc Aronstam delights in Alex Sepkus designs

I admire originality, craftsmanship and creativity in fine jewelry design. And that’s precisely why the fine jewelry designs of Alex Sepkus grace my showroom. Lithuanian-born jewelry designer Alex Sepkus makes jewelry like no one else. Sepkus says he sees his jewelry as a “link between body and clothing,” and as such, should be pleasant to…

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