Groundbreaking designers -Edgy, original jewelry

If you’ve ever been to an event when more than one woman is wearing the same dress, it’s awkward but sometimes laughed off, attributing the faux paux to both “having the same great taste.”

Ever seen two women with the same wedding ring? Trust me. It doesn’t go well. And it’s never laughed off. Ever.

Every woman wants to feel there’s something very special that makes her ring — the testament to her relationship with you – unique and beautiful.

If you are shopping for a wedding ring set or a diamond engagement ring, see me. Aronstam Fine Jewelers was among the first in the nation to represent groundbreaking designers specializing in edgier one-of-a-kind looks. Many of those designers are with me still because they offer distinction, quality, class, and gorgeous design.

From Varna to Gellner, Kurtulan to Alex Sepkus, the wedding sets and engagement rings we have are a world apart from what the other Indianapolis jewelers have to offer.

True designers, fine art, fine craftsmanship — definitely not the same thing you see everywhere else. Haling from the US, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Lithuania, or Australia, our jewelry designers really are world class. And you will only find them at Aronstam Fine Jewelers.

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