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Opal – October Birthstone

“It displays at once the piercing fire of carbunculas, the purple brilliance of amethystos, and the sea-green of smaragdus, and all these glittering colors mixed together in an incredible way. Some opali carry such a play within them that they equal the deepest and richest colors of painters. Others again simulate the flaming fire of…

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Annual Opal Show is Coming Up

Mark your calendars. My annual opal show is scheduled for Thursday, October 2nd, through Saturday, October 4th. For those of you who have never been to one of my opal shows, one of my oldest friends is an opal dealer from Australia. We clear out my bridal cases for a few days, and Roger fills…

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I want to change the way you think about opals at the Aronstam Opal Show, Thursday October 11th

I’ve always been a huge admirer of opals, which is why my friend Roger flies to Indy each fall to showcase the best and the brightest opals Australia has to offer. Come to the Aronstam Opal Jewelry Show Thursday October 11th and I promise that you will change your thinking about opals. Especially if your…

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