I want to change the way you think about opals at the Aronstam Opal Show, Thursday October 11th

I’ve always been a huge admirer of opals, which is why my friend Roger flies to Indy each fall to showcase the best and the brightest opals Australia has to offer.

Come to the Aronstam Opal Jewelry Show Thursday October 11th and I promise that you will change your thinking about opals. Especially if your “opal imagination” is limited to that milky-white opalescent ring you had when you were a teenager.

The opals I have come to love are big, bold, on fire, hugely radiant, in rare opalescent colors like magenta mixed with emerald green, black and turquoise, gold and blue – and everything in between. I mean it, the opals I import for this show are amazing!

Opals are my favorite semi-precious gemstone because they “talk” to you. What I mean is that they reach to something very primal inside us all.

Opals are my favorite semi-precious gemstones for so many reasons:

  • No two are alike
  • They change with the light
  • They come in every intense, fiery color of the rainbow
  • Opals are romantic
  • They are high fashion
  • Opals are so showy and outrageous
  • They are affordable gemstones
  • And — they are fantastically fun to design around!
Custom Pieces from Aronstam featuring Opal

And of course, throughout history, opals have had a certain mythology around them. They have been associated with healing, success, confidence and loyalty — and some say that opals, when worn, will lead the wearer to true love.

So stop in and be amazed by the opals (and have a bite to eat or a drink) Thursday October 11th! Aronstam Fine Jewelers will be open late – until 8 pm. Roger and I will not disappoint.

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