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The wondrous opal – October’s radiant birthstone

Those born in October have the most gorgeous and unique of gem stones to honor their birth month; the opal, a personal favorite of mine. If October is your birth month, you are in luck! Opals are said to symbolize healing, success, confidence and passion. The name “opal” is derived from the Greek word opallos,…

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Opals, opals, opals and more opals!

JOIN US FOR THE ANNUAL OPAL SHOW AT ARONSTOM The opal show is 10/3 10am-8pm, 10/4 10am-6pm, 10/5 10am-2pm. Guess what’s happening at Aronstam Fine Jewelers in October. You guessed, our annual opal show direct from Australia! I can guarantee that we can show you the unbelievable beauty of opals that you have never seen…

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