Opals, opals, opals and more opals!

The opal show is 10/3 10am-8pm, 10/4 10am-6pm, 10/5 10am-2pm.

2013-opal-showGuess what’s happening at Aronstam Fine Jewelers in October. You guessed, our annual opal show direct from Australia! I can guarantee that we can show you the unbelievable beauty of opals that you have never seen before. You will see black opals from Lightening Ridge, beautiful brilliant colors from Mintabie, boulder, yowah and matrix opals from Queensland, all way beyond what you normally think of when you think of white opals. Come by, visit, say hello to old friends and make some new ones and find that new opal that talks to you! I can take you on the journey in custom designing a one of a kind pendant, ring, or earrings that will be a special treasure.

If you have ever wondered why I am in love with opals, here are some pictures of some of my opal pieces and some new gems that we have to create a custom design with. Some of these are ones that I just thought were truly beautiful. Now you will understand my love.


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