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Alternative Pearls

I’m always looking for ways to expand my clientele’s understanding of and appreciation for fine jewelry. I enjoy helping a customer realize the value of the truly rare and spectacular things of the world. There’s a sense of accomplishment that comes with educating consumers on how to properly care for their fine jewelry investments so…

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Caring for Your Emerald

In my first blog this month, I wrote about emeralds: all of their wondrous beauty, their allure, and their chaotic origins. But I mentioned, almost in passing, that emeralds need some extra care. I didn’t have room in that entry, so I’m going to expound on that notion here. If you’ll recall (or pull up…

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Aronstam Jewelers presents The May Sale!!

Up to 70% off & just in time for Mother’s Day Aronstam’s much-loved May Sale is back! To bring in new things to delight and amaze you, we are reducing almost everything in the store for 8 days, early in May. Just in time for Mother’s Day, graduations, weddings… whatever spring has in store for…

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