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Pearl – June Birthstone

If you’ve ever seen a pirate movie, you’ve likely seen a chest brimming over with gold and jewels and strands of pearls. You’ve probably heard the parable of the man who sold everything he owned to purchase a field in which he found a “pearl of great price.” Those days are long gone, but time…

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Opals, opals, opals and more opals!

JOIN US FOR THE ANNUAL OPAL SHOW AT ARONSTOM The opal show is 10/3 10am-8pm, 10/4 10am-6pm, 10/5 10am-2pm. Guess what’s happening at Aronstam Fine Jewelers in October. You guessed, our annual opal show direct from Australia! I can guarantee that we can show you the unbelievable beauty of opals that you have never seen…

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Marc Aronstam on custom engagement & wedding rings

One of my favorite custom design scenarios is to design engagement and wedding rings. That’s because I feel strongly that these rings are much more than a promise to love and cherish for a lifetime. I believe custom engagement rings and wedding bands offer a look inside the soul, the story and the partnership of…

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