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Let’s talk jewelry quality

It’s downright discouraging to shop for jewelry around Indianapolis, Carmel, Fishers and out of town. That’s because a vast majority of the jewelry you see today is being produced by computer. Computer generated designs and mass produced. Not only does that make finding a unique design next to impossible, but it also means jewelry quality…

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How about that jewelry you’re NOT wearing?

Chances are very good that you have plenty of good jewelry that, for one reason or another, you simply aren’t wearing. The ring that doesn’t fit, gold chains that are no longer in style, a brooch or ring that you may have inherited or received for a birthday that didn’t suit you, and probably half…

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Jewelry quality, craftsmanship and integrity

One of the most consistent comments about my work is its quality. It’s satisfying knowing that these comments are deserved, because I’ve put my best methods (hand carving and hand finishing) and highest quality gemstones and precious metals into each piece I design. A good example is this opal ring. You’ll notice the centerpiece stone…

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