How about that jewelry you’re NOT wearing?

msa00280Chances are very good that you have plenty of good jewelry that, for one reason or another, you simply aren’t wearing. The ring that doesn’t fit, gold chains that are no longer in style, a brooch or ring that you may have inherited or received for a birthday that didn’t suit you, and probably half a dozen earrings that have lost a mate.

That means there could conceivably be quite a bit of gold, platinum and silver just sitting around in a jewelry box as the price of metals continues to skyrocket up.

Here’s a great idea: Round it all up and bring it to me and I can show you what you can redesign it into.  For your precious metals, I will even give you 10% above scrap value if you put it towards store credit. You don’t even have to decide on another purchase right away. Instead, you can hold it in account, waiting until you see just what you want, or wait for the next special occasion.

Yes, I buy good quality diamonds, sterling flatware and hollowware, and coins, too.

Another solution? Bring in your unused jewelry, and together, we can design a new piece using existing gemstones and/or adding new stones. Recycling at its best — and you will have something new and wonderful you will actually enjoy wearing.

What’s the point of having a jewelry box full of valuable jewelry you never wear? You’ll be surprised at what it may be worth. Trade it in for something you will wear… and love!

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