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Are Your Pearls Strung Out?

Pearls are most often incorporated in jewelry as strands. True, there are some more contemporary styles for pearls; Gellner, one of our designers, is a great example of a designer who has taken cultured pearl jewelry to a completely different level. But mostly, you’ll see cultured pearls featured in strands, from 14-inch chokers to flowing…

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Varna bridal whispers romance – built around your dreams

Varna jewelry takes its name from Varna, Bulgaria, a center for fine jewelry craftsmanship. That’s where my friend Garo first began learning his craft, before bringing his world-renowned craftsmanship to Los Angeles, California. Varna was the first to bring a renaissance to hand engraved vintage designs, the first of the main designers of this realm….

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Groundbreaking designers -Edgy, original jewelry

If you’ve ever been to an event when more than one woman is wearing the same dress, it’s awkward but sometimes laughed off, attributing the faux paux to both “having the same great taste.” Ever seen two women with the same wedding ring? Trust me. It doesn’t go well. And it’s never laughed off. Ever….

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