What on earth is an ‘Earth Art Sale?’ Just ask Marc Aronstam

earth-art-smallerIf there is a man in your life that loves the unusual, thrives on nature, or would enjoy having something fantastically unusual grace the alcoves or mantle of his home or the walls of his office, Father’s Day couldn’t come at a better time for you!

If you’ve ever been in my store, you know what I mean by Earth Art!

If you haven’t, you are in for a treat – especially since it is all on sale (20% off!) from June 6 – June 15th.

Art from the earth is my absolute favorite type of art, because it is earth- and nature-created, and true natural beauties! I have way too much fun making unusual discoveries from across the globe. I simply pick up what interests me during my travels.

Like what? Here’s a partial list:

  • wall panels of prehistoric fossilized fish
  • three-dimensional fossilized cephalopods & intricately chambered ammonites
  • graceful fossilized ferns pressed in shale
  • petrified trees
  • huge cut geodes of all shapes, filled with semi-precious crystals

Each has a story. No two are alike. Hmmmm… just like that wonderful father or husband of yours! Come in and poke around. I’ll be only too happy to give the story behind the piece that intrigues you. Happy Father’s Day!

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